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Elorm Haligah

Director of Partnerships

Elorm leads on all partnerships in Ghana and is based in Accra, Ghana. Elorm and his team based in Accra work closely with key stakeholders at GES, parliamentarians and other key stakeholders at a national level to raise awareness of the Lively Minds programme.

Elorm joined Lively Minds as Director of Ghana Partnerships in April 2022. With over 10 years of experience, Elorm is a government relations expert and has worked with Parliamentarians in over 50 countries specifically in the Commonwealth. He worked in the UK Parliament for 5 years and designed programmes for MPs to better their understanding of parliamentary procedures, international trade, cyber security, and gender scrutiny.

As a consultant, he has also run projects for both young people and senior executives to develop their political literacy and service provision respectively. Elorm also ran the Great Debate Tour, the UK’s largest ever debate tour targeted at ethnic communities on university campuses, discussing social and political issues.

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