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Vision, mission & values

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Our vision

Our vision:


A world in which all children have the opportunities to develop their skills and talents and are given the chance to reach their full potential in life.

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Our mission

Our mission:


To get preschoolers in rural Ghana and Uganda school-ready.

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Our values

Our values:

3. Solutions must be sustainable

We use local talent and local resources so that our programmes can be run and sustained by resource-poor local governments and by communities themselves.

6. Quality drives success

We have a high-performance culture. We go the extra mile to get the very best and sustainable result.

1. Communities

at the heart

We have a culture of collaboration. We work with deprived, rural communities to help them gain what they want and need for themselves and their children.

4. Creativity can solve many problems

We have a culture of creative & continuous improvement. We believe in the creative use of local resources and lively minds helps us tackle complex problems with cheap and simple solutions.

7. Accountability in everything

As well as managing our resources with scrupulous care, we have a culture of holding ourselves, our partners and beneficiaries accountable for commitments.

2. Empowerment

is key

We empower others. We give parents, local government officials, teachers and community leaders the skills, knowledge and motivation to make their own choices and changes.

5. Equity benefits everyone

We are committed to ensuring that within our work and our organisation, we do all we can to improve diversity, inclusivity and equality of opportunity.

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