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About us

We do not provide aid. We believe that people can only break the cycle of poverty if they are given the information, skills, and confidence to make changes themselves.


The solutions don’t need to be complicated or expensive. We work with partners and communities to find creative, low-cost and practical ways, using local resources, to bring about lasting change.

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We work to ensure that children in highly deprived communities in Ghana and Uganda receive quality education and care in their early years - the age that makes such a big difference to their future development.


Working through government partnerships, we train and empower uneducated mothers to run educational Play Schemes that improve the lives and life-chances of children, the mothers and the wider community.

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Our approach is focussed on empowering people with the skills, vision and drive to make & sustain their own improvements.


Read about how our we started with a simple idea, £3000 and a lively mind...

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Copies of our annual reports & accounts, as well as our impact reports can be found here...

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We're delighted to have received recognition for our work.

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We are extremely grateful to all the individuals and organisations who have supported us.

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Our work is carried out by small expert teams, allowing us to achieve quality results at low cost.

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