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Getting rural preschoolers in Ghana and Uganda school-ready

The Lively Minds programme

Working through government, the Lively Minds programme builds the skills and confidence of marginalised, rural mothers to run educational Play Schemes, and provide nurturing care for their children at home.


This improves the quality of life and life-chances for rural children, whilst empowering parents and communities.

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Understand more about our unique programme, how it works and why we do what we do...

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Our impact

Read about our results and impact on the school readiness of pre-school children...

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Find out how you can help us to achieve our vision for every child can reach their full potential…

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Find out more about the carefully designed structure and pedagogy of the Play Schemes...

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We give parents the information to provide better care and stimulation for their children...

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Our radio show was launched in 2020 to support parents and caregivers during Covid-19…

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"The Lively Minds programme is an effective and potentially scalable way to improve children’s cognitive and socio-emotional development and health, which constitute critical components of school readiness. The positive effects on cognitive development are particularly strong for children living in the most socio-economically deprived households".


Institute for Fiscal Studies and Innovations for Poverty Actions Randomised Control Trial 2017-2018

In partnership with...

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