We are seeing dramatic & lasting improvements in the education, wellbeing and health of the

children, Mothers and Teachers in our programme.

School readiness
Ghana: 53% increase in assessment results after 6 months
Uganda: 108% increase in assessment results after 6 months
Play at home
Ghana: 53% increase
Uganda: 110% increase
Child disease
Ghana: Reductions of 62% in diarrhoea & 46% in malaria after 6 months

Uganda: Reductions of 46% in diarrhoea & 35% in malaria after 6 months
Teacher attendance
Ghana: 2.0% absenteeism from Play Scheme teachers vs national average of 25%
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how we measure impact

As we are a single-cause organisation with just one flagship programme, it is hugely important to us that we know how well the programme is working and that we use our learnings to make improvements. To do this we:-

  • administer detailed assessments on children, Mothers and Teachers in our Play Scheme communities and also in waitlist control communities at baseline and then 3 and 6 months after the Play Schemes are open. These examine the cognitive and social skills of the children, frequency of disease incidence, use of play and stimulation at home and wellbeing.

  • monitor all Play Schemes regularly and collect data to check on attendance and performance levels.

  • carry out interviews and focus groups to get richer insights from Mothers and Teachers.

Our results are carefully analysed by our Monitoring & Evaluation Officer.

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