Thank yous

We are extremely grateful to all the individuals and organisations who have supported us over the years. As a small charity your donations and support make a huge and direct difference to so many children and communities.

We would like to thank the following organisations for their support:

Ashoka Changemakers, BFSS,  Dioraphte Foundation, Echidna Giving, Elma Philanthropies, Global Innovation Fund, Gratitude Network, Headley Trust, Lego Foundation, Marr Munning, Marple Trust, Nonsuch Singers, Omidyar Network, Results for Development, The Waterloo Foundation, Wilmar, UNICEF, Vitol Foundation, Zapier

We are very fortunate that so many talented people have shared their time and expertise with us.


We owe particular thanks to:

David Clapham, Kyra Craig, Nicola Dillon, Mary Egerton, Mark Gillis, Kirstin Knell, Eileen & Peter Jacobs, Justin Mayhew, Carolyn Maddox, David Melunsky, Barbara & Richard Naftalin, James & Brit Naftalin, Mark Naftalin, Thea Robson, Laurence Scodie, Rachel Shelley, Eva Schueckel, Katerina Vitozzi

helping children learn through play

We also thank all those people and organisations who have asked not to be named and those too numerous to list!

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