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Job advert - Uganda Funding Consultant


We require a consultant with strong knowledge of Ugandan funding opportunities and donors to develop a list of donor organisations in Uganda that may be willing to fund the ongoing and expansion costs of the programme. This work will be part desk based - prospecting by conducting market research and internal & external research.  In order to achieve the funding targets this year we need to develop relationships with these funders early to ensure we are fully funded for the upcoming years. We therefore require the prospecting work to take place as soon as possible with meetings in the diary in March and April 2023.  


  • Produce and quantify a list of prospective funders  

  • Make successful introductions for the Mayuge District & Lively Minds leading to meetings with these donors 


To succeed in this you, will have:

  • Excellent current working knowledge of donor organisations in Uganda, particularly corporates and foundations 

  • Excellent donor research skills 

  • Knowledge of fundraising on behalf of the government  


For a detailed understanding of the opportunity, please see the Terms of Reference

About us

Our mission is to get preschool children in rural Africa school-ready.  At present over 250 million children worldwide fail to receive the education and care they need in their early years which means they are less likely to do well in school, find gainful employment, and are at greater risk of early marriage, early parenthood and even criminality. Current approaches to solving this crisis are not proving effective or scalable in lower and middle-income countries.

That’s where Lively Minds comes in. We have developed an award-winning Early Childhood Development programme that has been proven to get pre-schoolers in hard-to-reach communities school-ready, so they have a greater chance of succeeding in school and life. The programme provides marginalised Mothers with a parenting course that empowers them to run educational Play Schemes for pre-schoolers and to provide better home-based care, using cheap local resources.  The programme is delivered through government partners, is cheap and highly scalable.

Lively Minds has secured approximately $1m to set-up and embed the programme in every rural community in Mayuge District, and provide two years of technical and financial support to the District and each sub-county to embed the programme. However, the District are responsible for funding the ongoing costs to keep the programme running year on year and benefitting thousands of children 

How to apply

For more information and to be considered for this opportunity, please contact  by the closing date of 8am GMT on 27th February 2023 with a brief statement of your experience and your proposed fees for this project.  As a non-for-profit we would appreciate quotes that reflect our limited budget. We will discuss timeframes with the candidates and aim for the work to be complete by April 2023. 

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