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Take on a new challenge and volunteer with Lively Minds in Uganda for the trip of a lifetime. We are looking for skilled individuals who can support our community education projects and team. You’ll work alongside our local staff, travelling to different communities where you’ll join in with the Mothers and children at our educational Play Schemes. From our base in Jinja you can spend your weekends exploring all this spectacular country has to offer: go on Safari in Murchison National Park, watch the sunset while cruising the Nile, or visit the Gorillas in Bwindi.

Use your skills to help communities in Uganda

Whether you are retired, at the peak of your profession or just starting out, there is so much you can offer to our projects, our beneficiaries, and our local staff.  Previous volunteers have included teachers, management consultants, psychologists, accountants, speech therapists and language therapists, public health experts and lawyers.


We welcome your skills, wealth of knowledge, and time, and will work with you to tailor your individual experiences to benefit specific aspects of our projects. Volunteer with Lively Minds to make a huge impact on Mothers, children and communities! Each day you’ll travel to different communities with our experienced local staff to help set up new Play Schemes and support our existing projects.

Your skills can help:

  • Observe and support our existing Play Schemes and work with mothers and children to improve teaching and get involved in play activities

  • Train mothers to set-up new Play Schemes teaching them how to make and play games using local materials, and how to manage and run the Schemes. You will give women who have never have been to school themselves a second-chance learning opportunity.

  • Doctors, nurses, speech therapists, nutritionists or public health experts can help develop and deliver skills workshops for the mothers who run our Play Schemes. Workshops can be in topics such as health and hygiene, women’s empowerment and early childhood development. 

  • If you have a business, HR, or consultancy background, you can help with capacity building and training for our in-country team.



To learn about what previous Volunteers have got up to, take a read of our Volunteer Blog


If you want to visit Africa, to really experience Africa, not just as a tourist but as someone who can offer something and make a real difference to the people who live there then take the chance to volunteer with Lively Minds.

Barbara (volunteer & retired lawyer)

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Why volunteer with Lively Minds?


​​Our Scheme will give you a unique insight into traditional village life in Uganda, and the chance to apply your skills to ensure that you make in difference in a structured and sustainable way.


Throughout the process, volunteers will have one to one contact with a Lively Minds staff member, and we will work with you to tailor your volunteering experience to your individual skills & interests to maximise the benefit of your time with us and your impact on our work.  


Lively Minds is a small charity. You will work directly with our staff and beneficiaries and your support will go straight to where it is needed and where it will have an immediate and lasting impact.  Our central philosophy is that we do not provide aid. We believe that people can only break the cycle of poverty if they are given the information, skills, and confidence to make changes themselves  You can be certain that by sharing your time, energy, skills and experience with the Mothers at our Play Schemes & with our staff, you’ll be making a sustainable difference to some of the poorest communities in Uganda for years to come.​

Anyone that is looking to help but also to learn how to really make an impact in developing countries should volunteer for Lively Minds! The involvement that you get in their projects allows you to learn skills that you will never forget. Plus, you get to work with their local staff which also allows you to get better knowledge of their amazing culture and traditions. After being in this project for 6 weeks I can honestly say that I see life in a totally different perspective.

Vania, volunteer

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Why volunteer in Uganda?


By volunteering with us, you can explore this beautiful and unique country in an ethical and sustainable way. Uganda has so much to offer travellers.  Our office and Volunteer accommodation is situated in Jinja, a town positioned at the source of the River Nile. With an abundance of restaurants, hotels, and activities such as kayaking, fishing, and horse-riding, Jinja caters for all travellers.

From our base in Jinja you can spend your weekends exploring all this spectacular country has to offer; go on Safari in Murchison National Park, watch the sunset while cruising the Nile, or visit the Gorillas in Bwindi National Park. Our staff in the UK will be on hand to help you to plan your trip, and our local staff in Uganda can help to make bookings and recommend activities.​

When & for how long can I volunteer ?

You can volunteer for any length of time at most times throughout the year. We recommend a stay with us of between 3 days to 4 weeks. We also highly recommend incorporating your volunteering as part of a longer holiday in order to experience all Uganda has to offer.

Contact us to discuss dates of availability or call 0207 097 8636.

Check out  our FAQs for more practical information on volunteering with Lively Minds

How do I apply?

  • Please download and return your completed application form to us at

  • If your application is accepted you’ll be invited for a short informal interview (over Skype or phone) with our UK staff. This will be an opportunity for you to ask any questions too.

  • Successful applicants will be sent a volunteer agreement to sign which you must complete within 2 weeks to confirm your place.  

  • You will then have to fundraise the set amount for your visit.

  • We also require that you purchase travel insurance & provide us with a copy of your policy before you travel



I still have questions, who can I contact?

​Take a look at our FAQs  for more information about volunteering with us

Or contact us with any questions at or call 0207 097 8636

You can also read our Volunteer Blog to find out what our other volunteers have been doing

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