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Scaling with Government 

The programme is run and sustained by government using a train the trainers approach. We support local government teams to train community-based trainers who deliver the programme in their communities. This approach means that the programme can be quickly and easily delivered to the hardest to reach communities and we can utilise the existing systems and structures to manage performance. 


We have developed a package of technical assistance for national, regional and local government partners to build government capacity in implementation, governance, project management and performance management.


This includes:








We also support  government partners to find realistic ways to institutionalise and resource the programme long-term. This includes leveraging decentralised systems and existing budgets and systems;  developing incentive and accountability structures; generating grassroots demand from communities, and top-down pressure from local stakeholders for the sustainability of the programme locally. 

A training of trainers curriculum;


A digitally-enabled performance management system with real-time monitoring, feedback loops, spot-checks and incentives;  

Training & coaching incorporating behaviour-change techniques.  


"This inclusive and holistic early years programme is much-needed for vulnerable children, especially in the northern regions of Ghana. The emphasis that parents are a vital, untapped resource is a pioneering approach to ECCE”.

Vida Barbara Ntow, National Director of Early Childhood Education, Ghana

Vida Barbara Ntow, National Director of Early Childhood Education, Ghana

"This programme improves teachers' lives, the community and the children we impact".


Joshua Banama,

GES Teacher 

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