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Designed for scale

Our implementation model has been developed and fine-tuned over 13 years.


We work in partnership with government, who own and implement the programme, integrating it into their existing systems. The approach has been designed to be adaptable to local structures, is scalable, sustainable and cost effective.

Using a train-the-trainers approach, local government teams are sensitised in how to deliver and monitor the programme. In turn, they train and support community based trainers who deliver the Parenting Course and supervise the Play Schemes. These trainers come from existing workforces. In Ghana they are Kindergarten teachers and in Uganda we use Village Health Teams.

We provide the technical support, curriculum, expertise and processes, enabling governments to own and sustain the changes being made.

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098 GH PS teacher coach monitor desk mother child group game mat 20 Jul 2021 Tolon RF004.j
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