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Peace and Play on World Radio Day

Mother listens to radio, Uganda

I am delighted that a day has been set aside to recognize the humble but mighty radio. We all know that radio is one of the fastest mediums to share information of any kind, so on this occasion of World Radio Day, I would like to share why I am so proud of the Lively Minds Together (LMT) radio programme.

Ghana and Uganda have some of the world’s youngest populations, but also some of the world’s most marginalised and hard-to-reach communities. COVID-19 exacerbated these existing inequalities when schools were closed, and communities were locked down. We knew it was more important now than ever to reach our beneficiaries to ensure as parents, they were able to provide quality early childhood education and care for their children.

This is how Lively Minds Together (LMT) radio programme was born. The radio programme was an innovative solution to teach parents how to care for their children at home and teach and play with them using local cost-free materials they have at hand.

Today, LMT is broadcast in the Northern half of Ghana across 8 Regions, 18 Districts, 16 languages, and 20 radio stations. In Uganda, we broadcast on one radio station reaching 10 Districts. Collectively across both countries, we reach approximately 2,000,000 listeners.

I am excited that this year’s World Radio Day is themed radio for peace, which fits very well with some of our parenting episodes, such as conflict resolution, non-physical discipline and managing stress.

LMTs conflict resolution episode teaches parents, caregivers, and listeners, why resolving conflict at home is important for their well-being and a child’s development. Peace In the home cannot be underestimated because it can affect relationships and even the socio-emotional well-being of our children. Let us practice the following five steps to resolving conflict at home:

  1. Take some time to feel calm.

  2. Discuss how you feel and what happened.

  3. Apologise and take responsibility.

  4. Decide what you will do better next time.

  5. Put the conflict behind you. 

Parents who listen to the LMT programme report that children are closer to their fathers; parents know the importance of play and interaction, and mothers feel calmer and happier when they play with their children. These benefits are priceless and demonstrate that a child’s home should be one of peace and security for them to thrive.

Practice the joy of peace and play, and the world will be a better place for our children’s future.

Written by, Noble Abingya, Radio Manager, February 2023



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