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Breaking barriers - a story from our Uganda Director

Norah Ibuto, John Kamwaka Twesigye & Richard Bulenzi

One of the reasons I am proud of our work at Lively Minds is that our work provides us opportunities to serve communities in the most remote and hard-to-reach areas.

One of the sub-counties that we shall be rolling out our programme into next year is called Jaguzi .

What is unique about this sub-county is that it has six parishes, and each parish is an island on its own.

My team and I recently did a feasibility assessment and noted that many humanitarian agencies have yet to be able to provide services to Jaguzi because of considered a hard-to-reach area.

When we visited the sub-county, everyone and the community leader were excited about our plans to get our programme running there. The excitement alone took away the fears of my team members, some of whom had their first boat trip.

I can't wait to see thousands of children and hundreds of mothers whose lives will be changed in Jaguzi over the next couple of years.

Our vision is to have every child ready for school. We can't be deterred by any physical barriers

Written by, John Kamwaka Twesigye, Uganda Country Director, November 2022



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