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Job advert - Head of Strategy



We are treading a new path with our scale strategy and there are a number of challenging and innovative strategies that we need to develop and implement to ensure our success.  Current strategic areas we are working on include:

  • How do we utilise decentralised systems to increase demand/accountability; improve delivery quality & fidelity;  drive ownership and sustainability

  • What is the best pathway to scale our radio programme

  • What countries should we next look to scale in

  • What income-generating business models should we consider

The postholder will have the exciting opportunity of leading on the development of these and other emerging strategies working in partnership with the CEO and members of the Senior Management team.

This is a unique opportunity for an individual with excellent analytical, creative and strategic  skills to make their mark on this newly created role and to have a significant impact on the future direction of Lively Minds. 


Main duties and responsibilities


  • Sets and articulates strategies –ensuring outcomes are clearly articulated, constraints and risks understood, options analysed

  • Conducts thoughtful analysis of problems, opportunities, options, involving appropriate stakeholders, and develops creative and sustainable solutions

  • Develops and implements robust project plans to achieve strategic goals

  • Puts strategies into place to ensure teams understand and buy-into strategies

  • Colloborates effectively with team members (in particular will be working closely withCEO, Head of Finance, Head of Curriculum, Country Directors

  • May also be involved in engagement at a high level with key stakeholders

  • Leads on networking with key stakeholders based on agreement with CEO

  • May be asked to represent Lively Minds at external events and speak about the programme in consultation with the CEO and Head of Marketing and Communications.

For a detailed understanding of the role and person criteria, please see the Job Description.

About us

Our mission is to get preschool children in rural Africa school-ready.  At present over 250 million children worldwide fail to receive the education and care they need in their early years which means they are less likely to do well in school, find gainful employment, and are at greater risk of early marriage, early parenthood and even criminality. Current approaches to solving this crisis are not proving effective or scalable in lower middle income countries.

That’s where Lively Minds comes in. We have developed an award-winning Early Childhood Development programme that has been proven to get pre-schoolers in hard-to-reach communities school-ready, so they have a greater chance of succeeding in school and in life. The programme provides marginalised Mothers with a parenting course that empowers them to run educational Play Schemes for pre-schoolers and to provide better home-based care, using cheap local resources.  The programme is delivered through government partners, is cheap and highly scalable.


Over the past few years the Lively Minds programme has been delivered in over 350 communities in rural Ghana and Uganda reaching over 50,000 children. During COVID we launched a radio programme for parents and this is now reaching over 2 million households each week.  We are extremely proud that the Government of Ghana have now adopted the programme and we have a ground-breaking partnership with them to support them to institutionalise it, fund it and to scale it to 60 education districts, reaching over 4000 communities and 1 million children. We see this partnership as the test case that will provide the blueprint to take the programme to scale in Uganda and elsewhere within the next 5 years, so that we can have a transformative role in tackling the global ECD crisis.


We’re an ambitious organisation, determined to have a major positive impact on the world. We work hard, at a fast pace, in a challenging environment. We expect everyone to give their best to achieve the best possible results. Our work is demanding but provides plenty of opportunity for innovation, responsibility, growth, collaboration, creativity and fun. We want all staff to be happy, fulfilled and to feel appreciated and valued in their work. 

How to apply

Please send your CV and cover letter to before the deadline.

Deadline for applications: 11:59pm GMT on Wednesday 6th April 2022.

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